Member Benefits

Your membership at SOVA Innovation Hub comes with so many benefits, and there are even more! Take a look at some of the perks of being a member below.

High-speed WiFi


Reception Area


Outdoor Patio Workspace


Free Parking


Phone Booths


Complimentary Beverages and Snack in the Kitchenette


Access to Book The Spark Meeting Room & Training Space

The Spark Meeting Room and Training Space can be booked by the public.  Members receive a certain about of hours to utilize the conference room(s) monthly with the option to reserve additional time at a discounted rate. The Spark and the Training Center are available for the public to rent.  Monthly…

Wellness & Mother's Room




Keyless Entry


Professional Business Address


Dedicated Desk

Dedicated Desk memberships include a dedicated desk and lockable file cabinet.

After Access Hours

After access hours are available on request

Dedicated, Fully Furnished Office

  Private office memberships include a fully furnished dedicated office. 

Wired Fiber Internet




Charging Station


Notary Services


Note: Not all benefits are available to all memberships, and all benefits are subject to availability.